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Paracelsus Medical University (PMU) is an institution organised as a private foundation with locations in Salzburg and Nuremberg. Teaching, research and patient care – these are the three pillars on which the university was founded in 2002, and which continue to have the highest priority. With 22 university institutes, three research centres and six research programs it provides a first-class educational offer and excellent research at the Salzburg location. The education offer of Paracelsus University in Salzburg comprises the study of human medicine, the study in pharmacy and nursing science as well as postgraduate doctorate degree study programs in medical science, molecular medicine and nursing & allied health sciences, as well as a number of university and further education programs. The work in PD_Pal will be undertaken by the Palliative Care Research Hub lead by Univ.-Prof. Stefan Lorenzl, PhD, Dipl. Pall. med. (Univ. Cardiff).


Stefan Lorenzl

MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology

Stefan Lorenzl, Univ.-Prof, has academically and clinically worked as a physician in the field of palliative care since 2006, starting at the University of Munich at the interdisciplinary center for palliative care where he also has held a professorship for palliative care. Currently, SL is employed at the Agatharied hospital and head of the department of neurology and palliative care. In addition to practical experience in the field of palliative care, SL has also received grants from different national and international sources and therefore had the opportunity to collaborate with many people across the EU in this field. The last international grant SL participated in and which was accepted is a joint project with many European countries led by the UK. This grant (JPND) intends to investigate late stage of Parkinson's disease (Care for late stage Parkinson's Disease - ClasP) with special attention to telemedical applications in rural areas in Bavaria, Germany, and the aim of increasing awareness of the needs of patients with neurological diseases.

Piret Paal

PhD, Philosophy

Dr. Piret Paal is a behavioral scientist, who has been working as a researcher and education in palliative care since 2010. Currently, she is working as a facilitator for WHO Collaborating Centre at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria. Her research interests involve patient centered care, palliative care education, and spiritual care. She is the author and coauthor of more than 25 peer reviewed papers, numerous scientific proceedings, and book chapters. She has published and edited 4 books (ORCID 0000-0002-1341-3248). Dr. Paal has been a member of European Association for Palliative Care since 2011. She is an active member of palliative care education reference group at the EAPC.

Christiane Weck


Katharina Lex

MScN, Research Nurse

MScN, is a nursing scientist and a nurse with an expertise in Parkinson’s disease. She has experiences in nursing research and in working as a nurse in diverse institutions. She has worked as a research assistant in the pilot project “beizeiten begleiten”.

Elisabeth Fellner

Mag. Dr.rer.nat., Biologist

Dr. Elisabeth Fellner is a microbiologist with additional qualifications in hygiene and preventive medicine as well as immunology. She was working in diverse reseach areas like neurogenetics and neurogenetical disorders (Medical University of Graz, Austria), immunogenetics and NK-cell research (Royal Perh Hospital, Australia) and fluorescence detection for the development of environmental sensor systems (Danube University Krems, Austria). Currently, she is collaborating on various research projects in palliative care of neurological diseases, as a research associate at the Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg.

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