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Mediolanum Cardio Research (MCR) Srl is an independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO) established in Milano (Italy). MCR was founded in 2002 with the aim of supporting no-profit research projects developed by a group of interventional cardiologists. Since then MCR have gained extensive experience as Clinical Research Organization providing services for regulatory authorizations, project management, monitoring, data management and statistics for sponsored and no-profit clinical trials both pharmacological as well as with Medical Devices. MCR is well structured and fully staffed to manage projects in full compliance with GCP and applicable regulations. MCR can support Sponsors and researches in all stages: protocol preparation, logistic organization, regulatory processes, clinical monitoring, data cleaning and analysis, and data reporting. MCR is involved in monitoring activities in different clinical studies, in mono-center and multi-center context. MCR is based in Italy but can manage European trials thanks to established connections and partnerships with European free-lance CRAs and local CROs. management mechanisms and statistical analysis (Task 4.2) with its expert staff.


Maria Cristina Jori

MD, PhD, Medical Director

Maria Cristina Jori, MD, Medical Director (F). She has a degree in Medicine a specialty in Geriatrics and over thirty years of experience in Clinical Research. Prior to joining MCR she acted as global Clinical Project Leader for the clinical development of cabergoline (Farmitalia); later she was also involved in the clinical development of pramipexole as European Clinical Coordinator (Upjohn). More recently she was coordinating the MCR team in supporting the validation studies of the Italian versions of two PD rating scales.

Sara Paina

Project Manager


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