The Movement Disorders Section at the Department of Neurology of the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany, has a history of more than 20 years of excellence in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) research. The strength of this center is based on the bench to bedside and backwards research and its highly interdisciplinary approaches - combined with 15 years long and internationally proven high level expertise in designing, implementing, conducting and analyzing large randomized controlled multicenter clinical trials (German Parkinson Study Group). This combination of basic, translational and clinical science with a powerful structure for clinical trials in PD in one single center is quite unique in Europe and allows to study PD at all its facets from etiology to disease modification and late stage cutting edge therapy.


Carsten Eggers

MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology

MD, Professor of Neurology, serves as the vice-chairman of the Department of Neurology, Phillips-University Marburg, Germany (2016 to present). He completed his medical studies in 2005 after visiting the University of Hamburg, Germany, University of Cologne, Germany and University René-Descartes V in Paris, France. He completed his postgraduate education at the Department of Neurology in Cologne, Germany (Prof. Fink) with research projects in the Neuroelectrophysiological Lab of Prof. Rothwell, Institute of Neurology, Queens Square, London, UK and the Neuroimaging Lab at the Feinstein Institute for Neuroscience (Prof. Eidelberg). He received his board certification in 2011, his habilitation on “Neuroimaging of Parkinsonian Subtypes” was finalized in 2013. He was appointed as consultant of the Department of Neurology, Cologne, Germany in 2014. His research focus are Neuroimaging of Movement Disorders, Neuropychological characteristics, symptoms and therapies of Parkinson’s Disease and integrative & palliative care research in Parkinson’s Disease.